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The Grand Canyon International’s print and digital publications provide total trip-planning resources to national park visitors in the West. Through its regional tour guide, 99 Things to Do In The Grand Canyon and its Webby Award-winning website MyGrandCanyonPark.com, Grand Canyon International generates tourism to America’s national parks and the regions that surround them. Grand Canyon International is always providing visitors with new and exciting ways to plan the trip of a lifetime.


Due to the unparalleled popularity of MyGrandCanyonPark.com, we have replicated our model to cover other major national parks in the Western United States. NationalParkTrips.com serves as the portal for this growing family of sites, creating a convenient and enjoyable experience for a memory-making vacation of a lifetime.


Uniquely designed to inspire a National Park vacation, each site provides useful information and tried-and-true travel tips along with original editorial content, stunning photography and user-generated features like Google Maps, YouTube Videos and Trip Notes, among others.


Grand Canyon Journal and its regional tour guide, 99 Things to Do in The Grand Canyon, provide total trip-planning resources for visitors to this iconic destination in the American West.

Along with the website MyGrandCanyonPark.com , these two annual magazines generate tourism to America’s favorite national park and its surrounding regions. Utilizing new media such as podcasts, video feeds, and consumer-generated content, our National Park Trips brand (NationalParkTrips.com) is a reliable source for visitors to America‚Äôs parks to find new and exciting ways to plan their trip of a lifetime.


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Top Ten Things to do in Rocky Mountain

1. See Aspens in Fall at Rocky Mountain National Park

Starting in late August, aspens in the highest reaches of the Park begin their annual quaking, a term to describe the aspens unique leaves changing a golden-yellow hue and how they react in wind. Read More...

2. Take in a Festival

Want to dance, drink, and eat good food all in the name of a frozen dead guy? Done. How about attend the best small rodeo in America? Yep, got that covered too. Or how about throwing on a kilt and tossing a kaber? Better yet, how about tossing it with the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop? Done, done and done. Read More...

3. Hike to the Top of Longs Peak

Dominating the skyline, and topping out at 14,259 feet, Longs Peak is the ultimate adventure for enthusiastic hikers. Read More...

4. 350 Miles of Hiking Trails

Over 350 miles of trails crisscross the Park, linking together alpine lakes, jagged peaks, thick lodgepole Pine forests and rocky tundra. Also, right outside the park sits plenty of National Forest land. Read More...

5. See Wild Animals

Home to thousands of Elk, Mule Dear, Marmots, Big Horn Sheep, and the occasional Black Beer, it’s not uncommon to have your Park experience include a wildlife sighting. Read More...

6. Enjoy a Ranger-Led Activity in Rocky Mountain National Park

We know exploring a national park can be an exciting activity to do on your own, but why not spend a few hours and check out a ranger-led program? Read More...

7. Drive Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

Known appropriately as the Highway to the Sky, Trail Ridge Road crosses the continental divide at a whopping 12,183 feet. Colorado has also designated Trail Ridge Road as a scenic and history byway. Read More...

8. Go Sledding at Hidden Valley Snow Play Area

If you love skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, sledding, hut trips, ice skating, and anything that involves frozen water just figure Colorado is the place to be. Read More...

9. Spend a Night in the Historic, Haunted Stanley Hotel

Just six miles from Rocky Mountain National Park and towering above the small mountain town of Estes Park, The Stanley Hotel should be included in every visitors to do list. It was the inspiration for the book & movie, The Shining. The owner was the inventor of the Stanley Steamer car. Stay in this historic 138-room hotel Read More...

10. A Perfect Day in Rocky Mountain National Park

We decided to spill one of our perfect days in Rocky Mountain National Park, just for you. Read More...

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