FAQs about Rocky Mountain National Park

Answers to all your important Rocky Mountain National Park vacation questions about wildlife viewing, pets in the park, plus winter and backcountry routes.

Where can I walk with a stroller or use a wheelchair?

Accessible trails are available at Coyote Valley, Sprague Lake, and Lily Lake.

Where can I walk with my dog?

Dogs must be leashed and are only allowed out along roadside pullouts and developed park areas (like campgrounds and picnic areas).


10 FAQs About Hiking to the Summit of Longs Peak in RMNP

Where is the Longs Peak trailhead? How long does it take to hike to the top? What are the biggest risks? When is the best time to hike Longs Peak? Read More...

Dog in the mountains

Can I Bring My Pet to Rocky Mountain National Park?

Dogs are prohibited on all trails and in the backcountry. Leashed dog are allowed at parking lots, roadside areas, picnic areas, and campgrounds. Read More...

Dylan Maddalena, Head Wrangler, YMCA Jackson Stables

Dream Jobs in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

How Close Can I Get to Elk and Moose in Rocky Mountain National Park?

Every year people get attacked in the park by wildlife and most of the time it could’ve been prevented simply by following the wildlife safety rules. Read More...

Lightning storm in the mountains.

How Do I Stay Safe from Lightning at High Elevations?

Thunderstorms storms in the park have caused injury and even death. Read our tips for staying safe from lightening when hiking in high altitude. Read More...

Snowy Long's Peak (Photo by Ben Fullerton)

How Do I Treat High-Altitude Sickness?

Rocky Mountain National Park starts at the already-lofty elevation of 7,840 feet and extends all the way up to 14,259 feet at the summit of Longs Peak. Read More...

Wild Basin Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

How Much Does Rocky Mountain National Park Cost?

Heading to Colorado to take in the sweeping beauty of Moraine Park and awe-inspiring heights of Longs Peak? Here are the many options for entrance fees. Read More...


When is Trail Ridge Road Open?

The road connects east & west sides of the park and is open from the end of May through October, weather permitting. It is closed in winter because of snow. Read More...


Where Can I See Wild Animals in Rocky Mountain National Park?

Home to 1000s of elk, mule deer, marmots, bighorns, and the occasional black bear, it’s not uncommon to have your Park experience include wildlife spotting. Read More...

Grand Lake Colorado in Fall. Courtesy of visitgrandcounty.com

Which Entrance Should I Take into Rocky Mountain National Park?

To access the park, there are four entrances, three on the park’s east side and one on the west. Here’s how to pick your approach Read More...

Rocky Mountain Hiking Guide

Which Rocky Mountain Park Trail Should I Hike?

Find your perfect hiking trail in Rocky Mountain National Park by answering a few questions. Then view our personalized guide to the trail. Read More...