Free Trip Planner for Colorado National Parks

Free Trip Planner

Our stuffed-full mailed packet is filled with maps, activities, national park information and more. Plan the Rocky Mountain vacation of a lifetime.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Bull elk bugling at Rocky Mountain National Park


Forget fences there are only mountains here. With over 60 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, and 11 species of fish, Rocky Mountain National Park is bursting with wildlife.

A scenic road in Rocky Mountain National Park

Win a Colorado Road Trip Vacation

Take a trip from the peaks in Rocky Mountain NP to the drifts in Great Sand Dunes NP with stops at hot springs and rafting along the way.

Lake Helene in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Grant Ordelheide

Natural Wonders

Waterfalls, mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and meadows, are all just a few of the natural wonders inside Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding regions.

Boulder Creek Festival. Photo by Flickr Dave Taylor.

Stops on the Way

Stop at these towns, natural wonders, and recreations areas on your way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

I Wonder...

Which side of Rocky Mountain National Park should I visit?

Rocky Mountain National Park has four entrance stations – three on the east side near Estes Park and one on the quieter west side near Grand Lake. Find out what’s special about each entrance. Trail Ridge Road, a seasonal road, connects the two sides of the park and is the most scenic and popular road in the park.

Most people drive to the park. Check out our road trip ideas. If you fly, the nearest international airport is Denver (DIA). You can also take a passenger train close to the west entrance and complete your journey via taxi. Once you get to the park, you will need a car, tour transportation, bike, or park shuttle to get around.

Although there are no lodges inside the park, there are several campgrounds. In the gateway towns, you will find many lodging options including hotels, cabins, and campgrounds.


Hotels and Cabins

Visitors to Rocky Mountain and Colorado's other national parks will find a large variety of hotels and motels to choose from to fit every need and budget.

RMNP is known for its many waterfalls and lakes. Bear, Lily, and Sprague lakes on the east side are the easiest lakes to visit with parking lots and level trails circling the shores. Visit the many overlooks on Trail Ridge Road for mountain views including the tallest, Longs Peak. Look in the meadows early in the morning or at dusk for large herds of elk, or on the west side wetlands, for moose.

Hiking, horseback riding, wildlife watching, and scenic drives are the main activities here. See our list of the top ten things to do in the park and beyond. Are you prepared for high altitude weather? Be careful of afternoon thunderstorms.

Rocky Mountain Park Hiking

Best Hiking Trails

Colorado is a hiker’s playground. Even summit one—or all—of Colorado’s 54 14,000-foot peaks. The journey may be painful, but the views are unprecedented.