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Scaling Tall Mountains in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park's wide variety of peaks, including Longs Peak, makes it a mecca for climbers around the world.
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Climbing a mountainside. Photo by C. Sagan

The state of Colorado is full of high rugged mountain peaks. More than 100 mountain peaks reach taller than 13,000 feet. (4,000 meters). As a result, many visitors flock to Colorado, and Rocky Mountain National Park, to have a chance to scale or rock climb big mountains.

Climbing has been a popular activity in and around the area known today as Rocky Mountain National Park since the 1800's. The wide variety of peaks and granite rock formations in the Park provide excellent opportunities for a wide spectrum of climbing including rock, big wall, snow and ice, bouldering and mountaineering. It is a mecca for local climbers, as well as those from around the world.

Opportunities for climbing exist in many areas of the park including Lumpy Ridge and Longs Peak. For more information about rock climbing and mountaineering inside Rocky Mountain National Park, click here.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing