National Park Journal Magazine - Rocky Mountain Edition

Get the magazine that's all about the Rocky Mountains and journeys to the national park. Filled with tips on where to stay, where to hike, and where to stop on the way.
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Rocky Mountain Journal

National Park Journal Rocky Mountain edition

Get the annual National Park Journal, Rocky Mountain edition to discover six all-time favorite road trips to Rocky Mountain National Park. From Utah’s dazzling deserts, the adobe-lined streets of New Mexico’s charming towns, Wyoming’s authentic outposts and Colorado’s mountain towns, we feature all the amazing places to explore en route to the park, no matter where you begin your adventure. 

Plus our insider’s guide to the park includes our top things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park in 48 hours. Discover the best hiking trails, campsites and attractions in our magazine. Plus, our wildlife guide will help you discover the best of Rocky’s mammals, including tips on where to find them. 

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Rocky Mountain National Park Flooding

The rain in Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding areas just keeps coming. And with flood warnings in effect all along the Front Range, Rocky Mountain National Park has been closed to all recreational use.