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Goshen County, Wyoming

Get a taste for pioneer life on the Oregon Trail.
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Explore the historic past and blaze your own trail in Goshen County, Wyoming. Walk in the footprints of Oregon Trail travelers, pioneers seeking protection from American Indians, and those who helped develop the West at Fort Laramie. Step back in time as the “grand old post” comes alive with park rangers dressed in period clothing, interpreting what life was like during the Western expansion. Make plans today and experience the legacy of the historic West at Fort Laramie, a national historic site.

Make sure to explore the other attractions in Goshen County, too. Visit the Homesteader’s Museum, the Western History Center, and Cottonwood Country Club Golf Course on the banks of the North Platte River. You can also enjoy countless recreation and hunting opportunities, including Hawk Springs State Recreation Area and Springer Reservoir; check out local vineyards and Wyoming’s largest winery; or shop downtown Torrington. With many lodging and dining options, Goshen County is a perfect place to rest, relax, and explore as you follow the Oregon Trail.

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